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"Go throughout the whole world and  preach the gospel" - Matthew 16:15


Our partners are spread across the world, doing the

deeds of Christ in India,Africa & Asia (Phillipines, Cambodia & Vietnam).


Located in Hyderabad city with more than 10M population, in Telangana state,India.The Philadelphia Ministries (TPM) is a non-profit organization is a soul winning & Evangelical Hospitality ministry.The Pastor's family have a legacy of 100yrs plus being serving the Lord.

They are a non-denominational Church and have a congregation of 200 members in Hyderabad with more than 112 Churches Planted in both Telugu states,AP & TN ,record of more than 10 thousand of souls won for Lords kingdom since 1924. They have various Ministry projects and their primany goal is winning souls and sharing good news by demonstrating love of Christ in community with services to the widows, women,Kids & homeless people.

Please visit TPM for more information.  ​


Located in Los Angeles, Life Ministries is part of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.

Our aim is to positively impact and empower all lives through the limitless transforming power, good news, and love of Christ.


Please visit Life Ministries for more information. 

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